5 Coffee-Musts to Sip in the New Year

Wake up, coffee people! It’s time to start your New Year off the right way and enjoy these sippable coffee-musts that will keep your coffee buzz strong all year-round.

  1. Make Pour-Over Coffee. If you want to try something new this year, make pour-over coffee for friends and family. It is the perfect party trick or a great way to enjoy a delicious cup in your sweatpants on a Sunday morning (think fresh coffee, LA-Z Boy, fat cat on lap, remote all to yourself). Learn how to make a pour-over here.
  2. Take a Coffee Tour of Your City. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a coffee shop on every street corner in Seattle like us, but don’t fret! There are some great, hidden coffee shops in every city. Make a day of visiting different local cafes whether it is for a scone, latte, drip, or tea. Tip: Bring a friend or a book to keep you company on your coffee journey.
  3. Share Your Favorite Coffee with a Friend. Do you have the most amazing roast you dream about brewing the second you wake up? Tell people about it! Buy a bag of your favorite beans for a friend. They will thank you for sharing the insider coffee knowledge and inspiring them to try something new.
  4. Try a Coffee You Wouldn’t Normally Go For. Do you usually stick with your roast preference and avoid the rest with your snobby coffee nose up high? Well, this year we challenge you to step out of your comfortable one-roast zone. Instead of ordering your regular coffee, use the weekend or one day of the work week to experiment with different roasts. If you’re a latte lover, try a single origin coffee that brings its own sweetness. Slate’s Kilenso is a great go-to single origin with vibrant tasting notes of strawberry, blueberry, and powdered cocoa. If you usually like a dark roast with milk or sugar, go for a medium roast such as Herkimer’s Drip Blend or Conduit’s Westlake Avenue. The creamy chocolate taste of both of these coffees will take your mind off any mocha. And as the saying goes, you will never know if a new coffee is going to speak to you unless you sip it first.
  5. Take a Kid on a Coffee Date. Children are full of bits of wisdom. Make your child (or someone else’s) feel special by going on a one-on-one coffee date with them to enjoy a delicious cup of cozy warmth. After you order your tiny friend a hot chocolate (extra whip) and a cookie the size of their face: ask them about their day, what they love, what they want to be when they grow up, and for some life advice (you would be surprised with what they come up with). Don’t have a kid? Borrow a friend’s! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you spoiling their little one with some treats and quality time with your awesome self.

Mugs Up to the New Year,

Bean Box

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