Back to Basics: Coffee Storage Yes and No’s

Learning how to store your coffee is important to keeping your beans fresh and your mornings a little less sleepy. So, where exactly is the right place to store your coffee?

Kick back with a cup and sip on these coffee storage yes and no’s.

beans in grinder


– Place beans in an airtight glass or ceramic container away from light, heat, and moisture.

– Purchase whole beans (from this cool place called Bean Box possibly…) and look for the roasting date on the package.

– Keep beans on a pantry shelf (again, away from light, heat, and moisture).

– Store whole beans, and grind the amount you need right before brewing.

– Plan your coffee purchasing wisely–Buy only what you will use for 1-2 weeks. Coffee loses its fresh taste quickly, so buying it in smaller sizes prevents you from having an overage of bad beans.


no fridge– Freezer: When you put coffee in the freezer, the change in temperature creates moisture inside of the bean container causing the beans to lose their oils, which in turn takes away their smell and taste.

– Refrigerator: Coffee takes on the flavor of whatever else is in your refrigerator. No one likes when their coffee tastes like mayonnaise. It also collects moisture the same way as putting it in the freezer. So that’s a no.

– Glass containers on countertops (unless they are for decoration only). Your beans need to be away from light and heat. Trust us here.

– Near the oven: Too hot!

– Cabinets that get a lot of sun action.

– Loosely closed bag the coffee came in. You don’t want the air sneaking in and sucking your beans dry. This isn’t Dracula people.

We hope you use some (all?) of these tricks to store your coffee and get the best cup possible.

Busy Drinking Coffee,

Bean Box

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Photo Credit: Nyxnalia via photopin cc


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