Keala’s Hapuna Espresso Blend: A Very Special Hawaiian Dark Roast

Growing up in Oahu, Sean Lee often woke up to the smell of fresh, Hawaiian coffee brewing in his kitchen. Years later, Sean now lives in Seattle, where he is the proud owner of Keala’s, a small batch roastery that specializes in Hawaiian coffee.

Keala’s brings the beach to Seattle with its Hapuna Espresso Blend featured in Bean Box. This coffee is quite well-traveled with a blend of beans from Kona, Africa, and Indonesia. Taking on the roots of its roasting, this coffee is a dark and moody Seattleite. But don’t be fooled by its black attire, the Hapuna espresso blend is thick like maple syrup and leaves a hint of sweet citrus on your tongue. We like to think of the touch of citrus as a sparkle of Kona sunshine from the islands. We live in Seattle okay, let us pretend!

The Kona beans also make this espresso particularly smooth for a dark roast. This coffee pairs perfectly with milk and makes a great pick-me-up or morning sip. So, close your eyes and get ready to drink in paradise; we are bringing you the perfect espresso blend island-style.

Bringing Our Bikini,

Bean Box

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