Slate’s Burundi: A S’more You Can Sip

At only a year old, Slate is doing big things in Seattle.

A specialty coffee roaster and retail location, Slate Coffee adds a little romance to your morning cup with wine-like flights of coffee at their coffee bar in Ballard, WA. Using exposure roasting, they roast coffee beans to emphasize their unique qualities without over roasting. Demonstrating coffee as both an art and science, Slate creates a coffee experience that can be seen and felt by coffee lovers or anyone craving a delicious cup.

Slate’s Ndava & Ngogoma, Burundi is a vibrant African coffee that comes from the hilltops of Ndava & Ngogoma in Burundi. It is a washed coffee with tasting notes that will remind you of eating a s’more by a crackling campfire. 

Just imagine: tucking your golden brown marshmallow between two crunchy graham crackers and a few pieces of creamy chocolate. The marshmallow melts onto your fingers as you take your first bite…that gets half in your mouth and half all over your face.

Well, sipping a cup of Slate’s Ndava & Ngogoma, Burundi is like pouring that ooey gooey treat into your favorite mug. We consider this a “special every day coffee” with its unique tasting notes and broad drinkability. It tastes great black because of its natural sugars and does better with milk than some lighter roasts.

Let the dark chocolate, cane sugar, and graham cracker tasting notes bring you back to your campfire days. Because who doesn’t love something warm on a cold winter night?

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