The 3 hottest European startups of 2017

As the year comes to a close, startup entrepreneurs are busily tapping away at their keyboards, hosting brainstorming sessions and working hard to create the next big product that blows us all away. So, what creative companies have caught our eye this year? At IE we’re all about entrepreneurship and innovation, so it’s only natural... Continue Reading →


Brazilian Coffee: A Chocolaty Coffee History

Learn the story of seduction behind Brazil's first coffee plant and how the Brazilian coffee industry continues to boom today. The Legend The first coffee planted in Brazil begins with quite the scandal. According to legend, Francisco de Melo Palheta traveled to French Guiana on a diplomatic mission and ended up seducing the governor’s wife... Continue Reading →

Guide to Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala is a coffee producing region in Latin America located east of Mexico and west of Honduras. It ranks second in the world in regards to the amount of high-grade coffee it produces and has the highest percentage of its crop classified as “high quality” by world-wide buyers. More than half of Guatemala’s coffee ends... Continue Reading →

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