From Fruit to Cup: How Technique Affects Taste

Ever wondered how coffee goes from a fruit to your morning cup? There are a few different ways, actually. We’ll help you learn the key methods in hopes of schooling someone at your next dinner party or when sipping new roasts with your coffee snob friends. First, begin by telling them it is important to... Continue Reading →


Indonesian Coffee: Iconic and Earthy

Indonesian coffee is known for its strong and robust flavors. The best farm-to-cup Indonesian coffees come from three regions: Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Java. Of the three regions, Java is the most productive and noted for Arabica coffee with bright acidity and a clean, fruity profile. Today, about 90% of Indonesian coffee is from the Robusta... Continue Reading →

How to Brew Coffee with an AeroPress

What is an Aeropress? An AeroPress is a simple coffee brewing gadget that allows you to quickly press hot water through coffee. While not the sexiest of coffee makers, it’s lightweight, very portable, and will brew up a sweet, full bodied cup of coffee every time. The AeroPress was invented by an engineer named Alan... Continue Reading →

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