What is Crema?


An espresso without crema is like a cake without frosting: highly questionable and not worth your time.

What is Crema? Crema is a layer of foam balancing over your hot espresso shot.  A light, reddish brown color, crema forms when water is forced through coffee grounds at a high pressure.

Why is Crema Important? Crema tells you about your coffee. You know your coffee is fresh if the shot appears to be entirely crema as it’s brewing. After the shot is poured, the espresso and crema will separate. This doesn’t happen with older coffee, since it is watery and not as thick. If there is any crema in older coffee, it will go away quickly. A nice, settled crema means the brewed coffee wasn’t pulled incorrectly or thin (espresso is usually thicker than other brew methods). This layer of creamy froth is the perfect topper to your boost of caffeine. So sip it slowly, and watch out for a foam mustache.

Covered in Crema, 

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Strawberry Coffee, Oh My: The Best Fruity Coffee in Seattle

What’s better than taking a bite out of a big, red strawberry on a spring day? What if you could drink up that bright flavored fruit in your morning cup?

Well, look no further. We’ve got the Seattle’s best fruity coffees coming your way.

Slate’s Kilenso Ethiopia 


Slate’s Kilenso, Ethiopia is a unique, light roast that tastes like strawberries and a hint of blueberry pancakes. If you’re looking to go a little crazy, try this coffee to wake up your palate. We suggest pairing this coffee with dessert if you want the ultimate sweet tooth experience.

Seattle Coffee Work’s Bali Kintamani Natural 

grapefruit 2

For a fruity coffee that tastes like a juicy grapefruit try Seattle Coffee Works’s Bali Kintamani Natural. This coffee has a tart sweetness that mellows out with a touch of raspberry and nutty chocolate. Transport to the beaches of Bali with every sip of this fruit-filled coffee.

Other Fabulous Fruity Coffees: 

– Kuma- Rwanda Mukushyaka, Colombia El Mirador 

– Zoka- Colombia El Paraiso

– Broadcast- Crossfade Blend

– Ladro- Nicaragua Perla Negra 

– Conduit- Sumatra Gayo Highlands 

– Herkimer- Drip Blend

– Longshoreman’s Daughter- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Loaded Blend 

– Tin Umbrella- Hillman City Global Blend

Sipping the Sweet Stuff,

Bean Box

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Subtle & Sweet: The Best Chocolatey Coffee in Seattle

herkimer 1Ah February, the month of love. Heart boxes of chocolates, flowers, romantic gestures. What if you could take all of that sweet goodness and pour it into a warm, cuddly drink?

With tastes of chocolate and hints of fruit, these coffees are the perfect treat for early mornings or sleepy afternoons.

Herkimer’s Drip Blend

Herkimer’s Drip Blend is a medium roast you just might want to drink every day. The smell of chocolate will lovingly drift up towards you as you pour the beans into your grinder. With hints of cherry and caramelized sugar, this coffee will have you writing love letters in no time.

Conduit’s Westlake Blend

Conduit’s Westlake Blend is for those times when you want something sweet but not too sweet. It tastes like a cup of chocolate with a dash of brown sugar. Mild, but not overpowering, this coffee will surprise you like a kiss on the cheek from your crush.

Other Chocolatey Coffees (yummmm):

In Chocolatey Coffee Bliss, 

Bean Box

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